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How much does mobile banking cost?

We do not charge a fee for you to use our Mobile Banking service. However, carrier message and data rates may apply. Please check with your wireless provider for information about carrier charges or your mobile phone account and service plan.

How do I sign up for mobile banking?

After signing up for Online Banking, you will need to download the app for the Smartphone and Tablet apps within Online Banking. Please visit the Mobile Browsing and Texting pages for more information about those platforms.

How do I know if I can access the services without any added charges to my plan?

Please contact a professional mobile carrier representative for any questions about your plan.

What is the required operating system I need for mobile banking?

Android™ (Android):

  • Operating system versions below v2.1 are NOT supported.
  • User installed operating system versions (‘Custom ROMs’) are not supported. Only operating systems installed by the manufacturer/carrier by default are supported.


  • Operating systems versions below 4.2 are NOT supported.
  • Where the device is a Touch screen device, operating system versions below 4.7 are NOT supported.

Apple® (Apple) iOS: operating system versions v3 and above are supported.

Device Browser Support:

  • Only default browsers installed on devices are supported. User installed browsers are not supported.
  • Only the native Blackberry® browser is supported. 
  • The Blackberry® browser is employed during the download process.  The end user will either need to have it set as their default browser or cut and paste the download link into the Blackberry® browser.

 *Please contact a professional mobile carrier technician for assistance with updating your system.

Can I sign up for mobile banking after declining the initial invitation?

Yes. Within online banking, click on the “options” link at the top right-hand side, and you will click on the “Manage Devices.” Then click on “Add Device.”

What mobile services are offered?

We offer a Downloadable Westbury Mobile Application, Mobile Browsing and Text Message Banking.


What can I do with mobile banking?

You can check your checking and savings account balances. You can also pay bills, transfer funds and find an ATM location near you.

How can I access mobile banking after signing up?

You can log in by using the link(s) sent to you via text message. Save the necessary Mobile Browsing link as a “bookmark.” Or log in at on your smartphone (save as bookmark).

Can I access mobile banking using a tablet?

Yes, you can access the platform at

How do I log out of the Westbury Mobile app?

You can log out by selecting the “Settings” option on your phone.

How can I manage my accounts after signing up?

With the “Mobile Banking Main Menu”: Click on the Accounts tab > Uncheck the account(s) you would like to remove > Click on the “Update Accounts” button.


I am having issues logging into Online Banking using my tablet. What’s a solution?

Try registering for Mobile Banking and log in to your account at You will be able to log in using your credentials.

*Please contact a professional mobile carrier technician for assistance with your system.

I can’t log into my account(s) using on an iPad. What can I do to access my account(s)?

Click on the “westbury bank” button at the bottom of the home page menu. Log into your account using our full desktop site.

What do I do when I receive a “System Error” when I click on the link to “Download Mobile Banking” to get the app?

Your phone may not be compatible with the one or all of the services. Please check the Supported Phones list by clicking here.

What should I do if I get a new phone?

If your Westbury Mobile app or bookmarked link do not load on your new phone, “deactive” your current phone number within online banking under “options” (top right-hand side of screen). Then reactive your number and follow the setup instructions.

What can I do if I get locked out of mobile banking?

Please call 1.800.924.7309 to have your mobile banking account reactivated.

How can I make my mobile experience more secure?

  • Do not share your password(s) with anyone.
  • Create a strong password for your account(s).
  • Have your device password protected.
  • Delete mobile banking text messages with your secured links.
  • Log out of mobile banking after each visit.

Please call 1.800.924.7309 if your device is lost or stolen to have your mobile banking deactivated.

If you should have any questions regarding mobile banking, please email us at, call us at 1-800-924-7309 or visit your neighborhood branch. For help, text "HELP" to 48179. To cancel, text "STOP" to 48179 at any time. Message and data rates may apply.


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