welcome to what if.

What if a bank didn't just claim it was different, it demonstrated it?

With products designed to meet your needs, instead of its own. With the kind of genuine customer service you thought was a thing of the past.

Well...welcome to what if. westbury bank.

westbury mobile

Mobile Banking


checking accounts

We've got all kinds of checking account options, from no-fee to higher interest bearing. Plus, the convenience of mobile banking. You'll not only find one that's right for you, you can open it right now, right online. We wouldn't make this stuff up.


home loans

If you're looking for a new home, start by looking for the right mortgage. And this is the place. We've got the right option for any situation. Even unusual or challenging ones. Don't believe us? Just click the button.


newsy stuff



Online Banking

Retail Online Business Online

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